Books written by Atty. Elvin B. Villanueva can be purchased online at


1.    Guide to Valid Dismissal of Employees

2.    Employee compensation Volume 1

3.    Employee compensation Vol. 2

4.    Gabay sa mga Karapatan OFW

5.    Guide on Wage Order & Min. Wage

6.    How to pass the Bar Exams

7.    All you need to know.. Leave Benefits

8.    Human Resource Forms Vol. 1

9.    Human Resource Forms Vol. 2

10. Transfer & Demotion

11. Guide to Valid Job contracting & Sub con

12. Real Estate Practice in the Philippines

13. Real Estate Exam Reviewer: Condo and Sub

14. Batas Kasambahay

15. Valid Dismissal Second Edition 2014

16. Real Estate Exam Reviewer: Brokerage

17. Employee Compensation V 2 Second Ed.

18. Real Estate Exam Reviewer: Sales

19. Tax Solutions

20. How to Design and Formulate Comp. Code

21. Guide on Wage Order and Minimum Wage 2nd Edition

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