Digest of Critical Supreme Court Decisions on Labor Cases (Years 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 Decisions) book has been released. The first batch of printed copies has been delivered and are now available for sale both online and in National Bookstore branches. Soon, it will also be available at Fullybooked branches nationwide.

The book, written by Atty. Elvin B. Villanueva, is an ambitious work to provide readers, HR practitioners, lawyers, and law students with crucial information on the Supreme Court decisions in labor cases.

The digested cases are handy in tracking the recent rulings which are crucial in policy formulation in labor and employee relations. They are critical in a sense that the changes affect the labor environment and those not in the know may bear the adverse consequences.

Labor law is like a living organism that changes as time passes by. The employer who is more cognizant of the changes can adapt effectively. The presentation is indexed for easy reference.

The book provides a digest of the recent decisions of the Supreme Court in labor such as the 2018 FASAP vs. PAL and other 2018 cases on Retirement, Refusal to retire, Retirement plan vs. Labor Code Redundancy, Redundancy carried out by persons belonging to related companies, Labor claims against related companies, Employment contract, Audited financial statement (AFS) and Judicial notice of losses, Rehiring of some of the retrenched employees, Rehabilitation; and Quitclaim.

The 2017 cases cover Employer-Employee Relationship, Element of Control, Remittance with SSS as proof of employment, Imposition of disciplinary action; company policy, Labor-Only Contracting, Absence of serious misconduct but there is loss of trust, Disrespect towards superior, When penalty is too harsh, Totality of Infractions principle, Disability Benefits, Compensation for disability, Loss or impairment of earning capacity and not to pain or injury, Permanent Total Disability, 120-day rule and 240-day rule, Crystal Shipping doctrine, Findings of company physician vs. private doctor, Vergara doctrine, Third doctor, Backwages, Immutability of judgment, Re-computation of award, Compensability of illness, Notorious negligence and “in the course of”, Resignation as a defense, Project employment, Graceful exit, collateral estoppel, issue preclusion, res judicata, etc.

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