Final pay is the last pay or salary given to employee after separation from service. One of those modes of cutting employment relationship is resignation.

An employee who resigns is not entitled to separation pay. The latter benefit is given for employees who were declared redundant, retrenched, or terminated due to closure of business where the company is not suffering from serious financial reverses.

So, what do employees who resigned get from the company?

If the company has superior benefits than what is provided by law, then the company’s version should be followed. What the law requires to be given are the following:

  1. 13th month pay (pro-rata computation if the employee resigned before the end of calendar year)
  2. Service incentive leave or SIL with respect to unutilized leave/s
  3. Accrued or earned salary or wage


Khuda Ng Koda worked as Customer Service Representative for Tu Lawd Forher Call Center, Inc. which is based in NCR. She was hired on January 1, 2018 and was receiving minimum wage of P537.00 at the time of her resignation effective March 4, 2019. At the time of her resignation she was only 27 years old. She reports to work daily from Monday-Saturday.

How much will Ms. Koda get from his company?

Basic Daily Wage                            PhP537.00

No. of Days Worked per year        313 days (factor/divisor)

Monthly equivalent                           PhP14,006.75

BDW x 313 / 12

PhP537 per day x 313 days / 12 months

PhP168,081 / 12 months

PhP14,006.75 per month

Prorated 13th month pay

The rule on 13th month pay states that it should be computed based on the total basic salary earned during the calendar year divided by 12.

Assuming that Ms. Koda’s attendance record for the year 2019 is as follows:

Month                         No. of Day/s Absent                        Monthly Salary Received (PhP)

January                      2                                              12,932.75

February                    1                                              13,469.75

March                         0                                             1,074 (March 1 and 4 only)

PhP12,932.75 + PhP13,469.75 + PhP1,074.00 = PhP27,476.50

PhP27,476.50 / 12 = PhP2,289.71

13th month pay = PhP2,289.71

Service Incentive Leave (SIL)

SIL is given 5 days per year provided the employee has rendered at least one (1) year of service.

Considering that Ms. Koda was hired on January 1, 2018, she was already one year on January 1, 2019. Assuming that she has not used her accrued SIL, she is entitled to money equivalent, as follows:

SIL earned as of 31 December 2018                  5 days

Proportionate SIL for Jan-Mar 2019                0.875 days

(2.1 months /12) x 5 days

0.175 x 5 days

.875 days

Total                                                                           5.875 or 5.88 (rounded-off)

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Monetary equivalent =         5.88 days x PhP537.00 per day


Accrued Salary

Assuming that cut-off period of the company is 10th of the month for the 15th payroll and 25th of the month for the 30th payroll.

Since Ms. Koda resigned effective March 4, 2019, her salary earned for the period according to the cut-off is as follows:

February 26-28

March 1 and 4 (2 and 3 are Sat. and Sun.)

Thus, accrued wage is as follows:

Feb. 26-28                            PhP537.00 x 3 days


March 1 and 4                      PhP537 x 2 days


Total Accrued Wage            PhP1,611.00 + PhP1,074.00


Final Pay of Ms. Koda         = 13th month pay + SIL + Accrued Wage

= PhP2,289.71 + PhP3,157.56 + PhP2,685.00

= PhP8,132.27

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