Welcome to EBV Law Office

Our Service and Practice Areas

EBV Law Office is a full service practice engaged in litigation work and special projects.

Major litigation work is on labor. While special projects include corporate compliance, business registration, work permits, 9G Visas, formulation and drafting of company policies, codes of discipline, and employment agreements.

The law office likewise handles civil, criminal, and other quasi-judicial cases. Experience in these areas paved way in achieving service within the set standards and quality.


Our Practice and Specializations


Highlights of Legal Activities

  • Representation before the Single Entry Approach (SENA)

  • Appearance before mandatory conferences for compulsory arbitration

  • Position Paper, Reply, Rejoinder, Petition for Certiorari, Petition for Review on Certiorari, Extraordinary Remedies

  • Assistance in Joint Assessment (Art. 128)

  • CBA Negotiation

  • Appellate practices

  • Special labor projects: Employee Handbook, Code of Conduct, Company Policies, Administrative Notices

  • Handling administrative investigation

  • Regular court practice (pre-trial, trial)

  • Consultancy and retainers

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