NLRC Rules During the ECQ in NCR for the Period August 6-20, 2021

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The National Labor Relations Commission (NLRC) issued Advisory No. 14, dated 2 August 2021 providing rules to govern the Regional Arbitration Branches (RAB) and Sub-RABs in areas under Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ).

The National Capital Region (NCR) will be placed under ECQ from 6 August 2021 to 20 August 2021. Thus, the RABs and Sub-RABs in NCR will be governed by the rules under Advisory No. 14.

This Advisory provides that for walk-in settlement the parties shall submit their notarized compromised settlement and/or quitclaims, release, and waiver upon resumption of regular operations. This means after the ECQ.

The filing of appeals and pleadings is suspended and shall resume on the first business day after the declaration of the General Community Quarantine (GCQ). All SENA conferences  via videoconferencing scheduled during the ECQ are suspended. They will be re-scheduled upon resumption of regular operation. The same with all other mandatory conciliation and mediation conferences via videoconferencing.

At the Commission level, the filing of the Motions for Reconsideration (MR) and Petitions for Extraordinary Remedy (ER) is suspended and shall resume on the first business day after the declaration of the GCQ. As to matter that will involve in resolving the timeliness of the filing of the MR and ER, the applicable law, rule, and jurisprudence on the running of the reglementary period shall be considered.

Below is the PDF copy of the NLRC Advisory No. 14 (original file not mine):

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